Our Philosophy

Back Proven Management Teams

The cornerstone of our investment philosophy is that we seek to partner with outstanding management teams. We believe that the most critical element in any successful investment is the people. For this reason we attempt to partner with successful, experienced management teams. We expect these individuals to have significant ownership stakes in their company, to share our commitment to growth and to maintain the highest standard of integrity. Each company is operated autonomously and with an entrepreneurial philosophy.

Focus on Growth

It is our belief that the best way to build shareholder value in the long run is to pursue growth. We are attracted to companies with proven growth records and where future growth opportunities exist. These growth strategies often include the pursuit of complementary acquisitions. In addition to acquisitions, we generally look for opportunities where we can expect to double EBITDA organically during our ownership period.

Use Prudent Leverage

In keeping with this growth-oriented philosophy, we ensure that each company's balance sheet is designed to support its strategic plan (not vice-versa). While most of our acquisitions are leveraged, the degree of leverage and the debt structures utilized are tailored specifically to each individual company.

Align Economic Incentives

While most of the capital committed to our partnerships is provided by large institutional investors, our partners also invest personally in every transaction. We believe that this personal investment strengthens our commitment to the success of each company and ensures that our interests are completely aligned with those of our management partners.

Be a Trusted Thought Partner

We look to management to run these companies where we can be relied upon to be an asset to management as a knowledgeable, interested, fair and trusted co-owner of the business. Generating consistent growth requires collaboration. We are open and involved and encourage frequent informal communication with our management partners. Our role is to support management, and we will leverage our resources and network to help create value where we can.